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Our Services

  • This platform provides an opportunity to citizens of an area to focus on problems that concern them and share it with others having the same concern
  • P2V gives an opportunity to send a direct message to a leader and follow up as well as rate the response publicly, providing an incentive to the politician to be responsive
  • All politicians are rated based on their timing and completeness of their response to the concerns raised through this website; the rating is done by participants
  • Every participant has the right to join a public group and start a group, public or private
  • Later it will be made possible to transfer groups; i.e. trading in groups; this feature will be available at a future date
  • Any participant can drop off from any group at their choice
  • Groups can be merged or joined for new discussions on different topics, at a future date
  • Group Coordinators (GCs) with large groups and active participation may be given audience by Politicians – this is not guaranteed by P2V
  • Instant Polls can be conducted and results of Polls and Discussions will be sent as certified copies by the website at a modest cost