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Democracy Revitalized

Phone2Vote is a simple system in which citizens can connect with political leaders to solve problems. Persons unable to use the internet, read or write can use a telephone to leave a message for a leader of their choice and get a callback. This offers an easy method to make politicians listen to your views. And they respond to you often and not just when it is election time or on big occasions. Phone2Vote makes democracy more useful to people who have very limited resources.



Appeal to all Citizens: P2V is building the all India data of MPs and MLAs, as well as all Politicians who are aspiring to be leaders and contest elections. It is a large task and complete accuracy of data is difficult to achieve. We appeal to all to extend cooperation by pointing out inaccuracies and mistakes, help by giving feedback to support@phone2vote.comwith corrections and suggestions. Thank you.

You can become a Champion of Democracy: P2V is taking democracy to every person who can make a phone call. The first step to do this well is to gather accurate data of all politicians and their constituencies. P2V enables you to become a Champion of Democracy by giving a simple tool to gather data and be a partner. The second step is for Politicians to sign up for P2V.Click here and begin. Write to us at Thank you, Champion!